The Fortnightly Playlist, November 19th, 2017

Some huge albums to cover this edition from Ibeyi, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Mavis Staples, Samantha Fish, Kamasi Washington and Alex Lahey. Also, we’ve got some great new singles from Drive-By Truckers, Neil Young, and The Breeders.

I’d been tentatively constructing my top 10 albums for the year, but a few late albums have really shaken it all up. One that absolutely captured me in the last couple weeks is Ash by Ibeyi. The duo comprised of twin sisters Lisa-Kainde & Naomi Diaz created something truly special here. I could hardly listen to anything else for several days. The musically sparse sound lends itself well to the intimacy of the album, the well articulated themes of social justice, and a few perfect guest appearances (in particular, Kamasi Washington on Deathless) make this an album worth listening straight through repeatedly. It has a lot to offer with repeated listening, and I see it being an album that will stick with me over time.

A lot of people seem to be noting that there are a lot more artists being overtly political in the past couple years. I would argue that music and art has always had political aspects. That said, in our current political climate, some artists respond with thoughtful and cutting critiques, and some respond with half-baked, angry, namecalling. No one does politics in music like Drive-By Truckers, and they are in fine form on their newest single, The Perilous Night. For those who have been familiar with the Truckers for a while, their views have always been a part of their music. However, it really came to the forefront of their music in last year’s American Band. This new single continues in that vein, and it does so very well.

Sharon Jones was someone who carried herself with the utmost grace and strength through her battle with cancer. Last year’s documentary, Miss Sharon Jones, told her story of struggling through cancer treatment while still keeping on recording and performing. I had the privelege of seeing her perform during that time (Every now and then, I go back and watch the video from that show). Now, on the one year anniversary of her passing, we get one final album from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: Soul of a Woman. It is everything that any fan could ask from a Sharon Jones album. Her voice sounds as beautiful as ever, and the record exudes all the energy and soul and life that we’ve come to expect. There’s nothing missing from it. It is the perfect Sharon Jones record. For more on the record, this is a good review.

As mentioned, I’ve been considering my favorite albums of the year. The last Fortnightly Playlist of the year will be my top 10. There’s still a lot of shifting positions there, and quite a few more than 10 I’m considering. I’d love to hear from you on your favorites this year as well.

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1. The Breeders – Wait in the Car
2. PINS – Serve the Rich
3. Neil Young – Already Great
4. Ibeyi – When Will I Learn
5. Daniele Luppi, Parquet Courts – Soul & Cigarette
6. Samantha Fish – American Dream
7. Philip Morgan Lewis – Six Foot Tambourine
8. Drive-By Truckers – The Perilous Night
9. Mavis Staples, Jeff Tweedy – Ain’t No Doubt About It
10. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Searching for a New Day
11. Kamasi Washington – Knowledge
12. Bootsy Collins – Come Back Bootsy
13. Teen Daze – On the Edge of a New Age
14. Ibeyi – Away Away
15. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Sail On!
16. Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
17. Alex Lahey – I Haven’t Been Taking Care of Myself
18. They Might Be Giants – I Left My Body
19. POLICA, stargaze – How Is This Happening



The Fortnightly Playlist, November 5th, 2017

Plenty to cover again as usual with new singles from Mavis Staples, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Dessa, Tune-Yards, and Levee Walkers, and new full-length albums from Manchester Orchestra, Noah Gundersen, Shredders, Stars, Margo Price, Brian Wright, Iron & Wine, and EPs from Billy Bragg and Langhorne Slim.

Listen to the playlist here on spotify.

Levee Walkers are back again. This time Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Duff McKagan (Guns’n’Roses), and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) have collaborated with Seattle Singer-songwriter Ayron Jones. This is now the third vocalist the supergroup has worked with, and each one has brought something very different to the table. It seemed appropriate pair it with a song from Ayron’s album from June, Audio Paint Job. The band seems happy to swing the spotlight on a younger artist that has impressed them recently. Duff McKagan said recently of him, “Ayron is such a special and bad-ass new Seattle artist. I went to a show of his last year in Seattle, and it was one of those that just simply made me realize how glad I am that I chose music as a path.” I’ve enjoyed the Levee Walkers a lot so far, and their choices of different vocalists to work with has led me to some other great musicians. Last year’s single with Raquel Sofia was excellent as well.

The new Shredders release is one I’ve been excited for, and it didn’t let me down. Sims, P.O.S., Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger of Doomtree have created a record that is a more stripped down and straightforward rap album than their previous records with the full Doomtree collective. Included this edition is a trio of Doomtree releases. Shredders, Style Boys, features fellow Doomtree member Mike Mictlan, then there’s Singer States from Paper Tiger’s solo release from earlier this year, and finally, the new Dessa single, Good Grief. There’s been a lot out this year from the Minneapolis collective. P.O.S.’s solo record from earlier this year is still one of my personal favorites.

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1. Manchester Orchestra – The Maze
2. Bill Bragg – The Sleep of Reason
3. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – On Script
4. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Call on God
5. Mavis Staples – Little Bit
6. Ayron Jones – West Coast Feeling
7. Levee Walkers & Ayron Jones – All Things Fade Away
8. Open Mike Eagle – Legendary Iron Hood
9. Shredders & Mike Mictlan – Style Boys
10. Paper Tiger – Singer States
11. Dessa – Good Grief
12. Stars – Hope Avenue
13. Tune-Yards – Look at Your Hands
14. Saintseneca – Book of the Dead on Sale
15. False Advertising – Hey You
16. Julien Baker – Shadowboxing
17. Langhorne Slim – Life is Confusing
18. Margo Price – Pay Gap
19. Brian Wright – Goldmine
20. Bahamas – No Wrong
21. Tyminski – Southern Gothic
22. JD McPherson – Lucky Penny
23. Noah Gundersen – Fear & Loathing
24. Iron & Wine – Claim Your Ghost

The Fortnightly Playlist, October 22nd, 2017

This edition’s got a lively mix. New Polyrhythmics, The True Loves, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Beck, Robert Plant, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Stag make this a really fun listen. Don’t worry though. I’ve still included some good, dark, moody songs here too. Because art.

Listen on Spotify Here

Earlier this week, I was doing dishes. I had headphones on because music always makes tasks like this better. About 5-10 minutes later, I realized my wife was laughing at me because I was dancing while doing dishes. I had just discovered an excellent album out last month called Griot Blues. American blues legend, Mighty Mo Rodgers, and legendary Malian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Baba Sissoko, have collaborated on a truly great work here. I listened to the entire thing three times that evening. The song I included is the one I was caught dancing along with that evening, Mali to Mississippi.

The biggest thing in music this week for me was the passing of Gord Downie. I know that, since this blog began a year ago, there have been plenty of very prominent musicians to pass. Sometimes I haven’t said much about them. I’ve continued focusing on the new music. Bands start releasing singles in tribute, and I feature those. I sometimes make mention of it. This time it is different for me. Gord Downie was a truly special songwriter and lyricist. I was devastated when the news came a year and a half ago that Gord had an inoperable brain tumor; that the upcoming album and tour was going to be a farewell. Fans of The Tragically Hip will often bring up their classic hits, but to me the most complete records are their final two: Now For Plan A and Man, Machine, Poem. For some insight on Now For Plan A and Gord Downie in general, this interview is particularly good. Man, Machine, Poem was my favorite album of 2016. Gord still managed, after the tour, to release another solo record, Secret Path. Even at this point, Gord focused himself on activism and social justice. The record told the story of a young boy from the Marten Falls First Nation that died trying to escape an Indian Residential school in the ’60’s, and the proceeds went to the University of Manitoba’s National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation project. I decided to included tracks from both Secret Path and Man, Machine, Poem this edition. Gord Downie will always be one of the greatest lyricists to pick up a pen, and I’m so thankful that he also picked up a microphone and shared it all with us.

Until next time,



1. The True Loves – The Dirty
2. Polyrhythmics – Marshmallow Man
3. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Matter of Time
4. Mighty Mo Rodgers & Baba Sissoko – Mali to Mississippi
5. Tamikrest – War Toyed
6. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Little Thing Gone Wild
7. Stag – Come On
8. Josephine Oniyama – ‘Til You
9. Cut Copy – No Fixed Destination
10. Sharon Van Etten – I Wish I Knew
11. Rio Mira – Agua
12. Robert Plant – Carry Fire
13. Primus – The Scheme
14. Beck – Colors
15. Superchunk – Break the Glass
16. Ghostpoet – Trouble + Me
17. BadBadNotGood – I Don’t Know
18. Kyle Craft – Distant Fingers
19. Gord Downie – The Only Place to Be
20. Gord Downie – Here, Here, and Here
21. The Tragically Hip – In a World Possessed by the Human Mind
22. The Tragically Hip – What Blue

The Fortnightly Playlist, October 8th, 2017

A bit on the late side this edition, but here we are another 2 weeks has zipped on by and left us with a whole new batch of music. New Guided by Voices, Black Pistol Fire, Jordan Klassen, and Pinkshinyultrablast.

Listen on Spotify

One of the biggest new albums out this week is Dhani Harrison’s new record, IN///PARALLEL. I have to say I’m really liking this record, and there is a lot there to dig into. It covers a lot of ground stylistically and never loses my interest throughout. It’s a deep listen, and I’m looking forward to giving it a few more listens.

Also included here is Almost Like Praying. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s project to raise funds for Puerto Rico relief features a tons of artists, and, of course, all proceeds go to the hurricane relief effort.

Others I’m particularly excited about are the new Pinkshinyultrablast, my new discovery of the week is Andrew Hung, and there’s some excitement building up around the new singles from Kyle Craft.


1. Find Your Saint – Pinkshinyultrablast

2. Until the Light – LIGHTS

3. Every Time The Sun Comes Up – Kyle Craft

4. Boy W – Guided By Voices

5. Continental Breakfast – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile

6. Shadow – Andrew Hung

7. Showboat – Josh Ritter

8. Hard to Please – Jordan Klassen

9. Discriminason – Elida Almeida

10. Mean Demeanor – Run the Jewels

11. Why Would I? – Otis Reed

12. All About Waiting – Dhani Harrison

13. Black Rainbows – Cut Copy

14. Keep Your Head High – Jafaris

15. The Spaniards – William Patrick Corgan

16. Undying Light – Tomo Nakayama

17. Weaponized – Wolf Parade

18. Body Chamber – Versing

19. Hearts of Habit – Black Pistol Fire

20. Safe – Shook Twins

21. Almost Like Praying – Lin Manuel Miranda & Artists for Puerto Rico


The Fortnightly Playlist, September 24th, 2017

There’s so much new music to go through once again. We’ve got a fantastic collaboration from Kronos Quartet and Trio Da Kali, as well as new records from Matt Cameron (Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), Rostam (Vampire Weekend), and Hiss Golden Messenger.

Give it a listen here!

There’s been a lot of buzz around the new Foo Fighters record. Particularly, the collaboration of Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin on the production side has generated a lot of attention. What does Concrete and Gold sound like? Well, like the Foo Fighters, but with a different producer. When a band as big as the Foos does something to change it up there will always be some division among fans as to how it is received. In this instance, the Foo Fighters have positioned themselves as one of the most prominent rock bands in the last 20+ years. They’ve managed time and again to strike a balance between hard, modern rock, grittiness and mainstream pop appeal. This record takes a mellower tone overall. It is more atmospheric. They are covering ground they haven’t before, and they are leaving behind some of their familiar territory. It may be what is expected with Kurstin turning the knobs, and guiding the sound. Kurstin has been behind some of the biggest cultural touchstones of the past several years. You’ve heard his work whether you realize it or not. Most prominent would be Adele’s Hello and Beck’s Dreams. Some fans will like that, and some won’t. This record simply takes a different tone than they have in the past. It’s hard to say how fans will look at this record 10 yrs from now. It’s good, but it’s different.

In the last few years, I have gotten much more into hip hop than I used to be. I’ve come across some great artists that are challenging both lyrically and musically. This time I’m highlighting Open Mike Eagle, and his new record Brick Body Kids Still Daydream. What I love about good hip hop is the that it draws on so much other material. Sometimes it does this very obviously. It’s a shout out, and it directs your attention to another artist. Other times it is more low-key, subtle and intimate. This record draws on a lot of jazz music. Open Mike does this in a lot of ways. One of the more subtle ways that I love to hear is his working in jazz scales in his vocal lines. Rap is often about the rhythm and cadence of the lyrics, to layer melodic scales on top of that is really difficult and this record does it so well.

Personal favorites in this list are the Kronos Quartet & Trio Da Kali cover of Mahalia Jackson’s God Shall Wipe All Tears Away, Hiss Golden Messenger, Wolf Parade and Morrissey.


1. Wolf Parade – You’re Dreaming
2. Morrissey – Spent the Day In Bed
3. Bully – Running
4. Hiss Golden Messenger – Jenny of the Roses
5. The National – Empire Line
6. Rostam – Never Going To Catch Me
7. Open Mike Eagle – Hymnal
8. Vel the Wonder – Pursuit of…
9. Sotomayor – Tierra Viva
10. Arcade Fire – Mind Games (John Lennon cover)
11. Teen Daze – Echoes
12. Matt Cameron – Through the Ceiling
13. Prophets of Rage – Living on the 110
14. Da Cruz – Virose
15. Ibeyi – Me Voy
16. Pheobe Bridgers – You Missed My Heart
17. Declan McKenna – Isombard
18. Hiss Golden Messenger – Gulfport You’ve Been On My Mind
19. Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet – God Will Wipe All Tears Away (Mahalia Jackson cover)
20. Foo Fighters – Concrete And Gold

The Fortnightly Playlist, September 10th, 2017

Welcome once again to another edition of the Fortnightly Playlist. This fortnight, I’m featuring a lot of new collaborations and new projects from familiar faces. Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) has a new solo record, and, coming soon, so does Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam). Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett are collaborating on a new record, and the first single, Over Everything, is excellent. Also in this edition are the new supergroup Filthy Friends, another single from Shredders, and a track from Bomba Estereo’s new record that features Balkan Beat Box.

Listen Here on Spotify

Another collaboration this edition is one of my favorite songs in this collection. Ibeyi’s new single, Deathless, features composer and saxophonist, Kamasi Washington. Ibeyi are twin sisters Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz, whose father was a member of the famous Buena Vista Social Club. Blending Afro-cuban roots and electronic music, they produce something really beautiful and soulful.

One of my personal favorite new discoveries in the last couple weeks has been El Buho. The new EP, Chinampa, strikes that perfect balance between always keeping my interest and having a laid back, relaxing feel. The track I included here, Temporada de Lluvias, exemplefies what I mean. It’s music that you can just get lost in.

The playlist closes with a track from the new LCD Soundsystem album, american dream. What I noticed specifically when I first hear this song was the vocal style. James Murphy often leans toward the Talking Heads influences with his vocals, but here he changes things up and sounds more like Bono than I think I’ve ever heard before.

Let’s talk about this new Filthy Friends project now.  This is the real deal that grew one song at a time. Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5) and Bill Rieflin (King Crimson) began by playing covers, then a set of Bowie songs, then contributing a song for a compilation, and now here we are being treated to an excellent debut record, Invitation. 

Other noteworthy releases include a couple local, Seattle releases from ODESZA and Tomo Nakayama, as well as a cut from the upcoming Polyrhythmics release.


1. Pains of Being Pure at Heart – My Only
2. ODESZA – Show Me
3. Beck – Dear Life
4. Filthy Friends – Windmill
5. Matt Cameron – Time Can’t Wait
6. Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett – Over Everything
7. Alvvays – In Undertow
8. Ibeyi – Deathless (feat. Kamasi Washington)
9. Bishop Nehru – Introvertz
10. Otis Reed – Growing Pains
11. El Buho – Temporada de Lluvias
12. Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)
13. Lee Ranaldo – Thrown Over the Wall
14. St. Vincent – Los Ageless
15. Shredders – Flipping Cars
16. Mega Ran – Form School of Feng Shui
17. Vel the Wonder – Woman in the Crowd
18. Bomba Estereo – Quimica (Dance With Me) (feat. Balkan Beat Box)
19. Polyrhythmics – Spider Wolf
20. Ela Minus – Ceremony
21. Daughter – Hope
22. Tomo Nakayama – Fourth of Julivar’s
23. Lina Tullgren – Get Lost
24. Noah Gundersen – The Sound
25. LADAMA – Compared to What
26. Onra – Loyalty
27. LCD Soundsystem – how do you sleep?

The Fortnightly Playlist, August 27th, 2017

This edition is a globetrotter. Artists from Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and the USA all contribute to the playlist this time around. Listen here on Spotify

Brittney Parks is a violinist/vocalist hailing from Cincinatti, Ohio, and drawing inspiration from the fiddling styles of Northeast Africa. Her artist name, Sudan Archives, underscores the region that is the source of her stylistic directions. Her new self-titled EP is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional.

Nadia Reid has been a big surprise for me this year. Her record, Preservation, really came out of nowhere for me, and it is so good. Sometimes you listen to singer-songwriters, and you think you’ve heard it all before, but this record is genuine and heartfelt.

Other favorites included here are Jupiter & Okwess, The War On Drugs, Robert Plant, and Yasmine Hamdan.


It is probably foolish of me that I never checked what countries Spotify is available in since that is the platform I’ve been using for these playlists. Realizing that these aren’t shared to many places, I’m now including the full list below:

  1. Queens of the Stone Age – Feet Don’t Fail Me
  2. Hollerado – Born Yesterday
  3. Robert Plant – The May Queen
  4. The War On Drugs – Pain
  5. Sudan Archives – Wake Up
  6. Sonreal – Who Care
  7. Jupiter & Okwess – Hello
  8. Frankie Rose – Love In Rockets
  9. Yasmine Hamdan – La Ba’den
  10. Nadia Reid – The Arrow and the Aim
  11. Frances Cone – Unraveling
  12. Wolf Parade – Valley Boy
  13. Everything Everything – Desire
  14. Dent May – Across the Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
  15. Sabrina Malheiros – Salve o Mar
  16. The Mynabirds – Golden Age
  17. Miriam Makeba – Murtala
  18. Chad VanGaalen – Mind Hijacker’s Curse
  19. Jupiter & Okwess – Pondjo Pondjo

The Fortnightly Playlist, August 13th, 2017

What I like to do with this is bring attention to hidden gems and lesser knowns. There are some more well-known artists in these, but I enjoy this as a way to share things that you may not hear elsewhere. This edition, I feel, does that pretty well. We’ve got some local focus this time with ODESZA, SassyBlack, Sheer Mag, Briana Marela, and Fazerdaze, and there would be more if Donormaal were on spotify yet. We’ve also got some artists from around the world; Iceland, Denmark, UK, Ghana, New Zealand and Canada are all represented. Listen on spotify here.

One project I’m certainly excited about is Shredders. This include 4 members of Doomtree; Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, Sims and P.O.S. Two weeks ago I featured a song from their debut 3-song release. This new single has already had some hype around it as it was included in this promo for the HBO show Ballers. It’s also just an outright banger.

Catherine Harris-White aka SassyBlack is another discovery this summer that I’ve gotten very excited about. Formerly a part of the hip-hop duo THEEsatisfaction, SassyBlack’s new release shows a lot of growth in this new album, New Black Swing. Her vocal stylings are a huge highlight.

Other highlights are Fazerdaze, Nadia Reid, Sheer Mag, Public Service Broadcasting and Giants in the Trees (Krist Novoselic’s new band).

Thus far on this blog, I have refrained from making overt political statements. I have let the music speak for itself, and, by what I include, allowed my views to be known. There’s a reason that I like to include world music in some capacity each time. There’s a reason why I include so many different styles. I prefer to stretch myself with my listening habits. Listen to things outside your comfort zone, and you may gain some understanding. It’s like reading a book about something new… you learn. The events of this weekend in my country are absolutely heartbreaking. The fact that people were hurt and killed standing up against a movement of hate – and the fact that our president finds it in himself to attack anyone and everything except this movement of hate – leaves me so angry. Yesterday, I came to a point where I had to make myself turn it all off. I had to close my laptop, turn off the tv, not look at my phone… Here we are, in spite of so much hard work and sacrifice, staring at our same old demons again. I certainly don’t know how to solve this mess. For myself, I pray, and I also find inspiration and hope in the music of some of my favorite artists. At the end of this playlist, I have included a slightly older song. It is Find No Enemy from Akala’s 2009 album, Doublethink, and was also included in last year’s 10 Years of AkalaThanks for reading this far, and enduring my need for an honest post.



  1. Briana Marela – Farthest Shore
  2. Billie Eilish – COPYCAT
  3. Siobhan Wilson – Whatever Helps
  4. Giants in the Trees – Sasquatch
  5. Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs – Tough
  6. Sheer Mag – Meet Me In The Streets
  7. Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed
  8. ODESZA – Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)
  9. illuminati hotties – (You’re Better) Than Ever
  10. Public Service Broadcasting – They Gave Me A Lamp
  11. American Authors – I Wanna Go Out
  12. Baby In Vain – Low Life
  13. Mammut – The Moon Will Never Turn On Me
  14. Nadia Reid – Preservation
  15. Fazerdaze – Last To Sleep
  16. SassyBlack – I’ll Wait For You
  17. Algiers – Death March
  18. Shredders – Xanthrax
  19. Kyekyeku – The Ode
  20. Four Tet – Planet
  21. Paper Tiger – Goon System
  22. Akala – Find No Enemy

The Fortnightly Playlist, July 30th, 2017

Great stuff this edition! New singles from Kele Okereke, Afghan Whigs, Briana Marela, Tori Amos and Chad VanGaalen, and new albums from Arcade Fire, Sheer Mag, and Kasabian. Listen here on Spotify.

I am excited for new music from Akala. This new project, Visions, is a bit different. It’s a five song EP that accompanies a comic book. While the song titles are simply chapter numbers, the music definitely stands strong on its own and very much fits in with his previous work. The reason he is one of my favorite artists is his passion for knowledge. His lyrics direct the listener with all kinds of literary and historical references. This gets a strong recommendation from me… and while you’re at it his other material is high quality. His 2015 album, Knowledge is Power Vol. 2, was one of my favorites that year. Here’s a link to his series of book recommendations: Akala’s Great Reads.

I’ve been surprised to see some very negative reviews of Arcade Fire’s new record, Everything Now. Overall, I found the record very satisfying. If I had to criticisize it, then I would say there is, in the middle third of the album, something of a loss of stylistic focus. The shifting genres get a little much, but that’s just the fact that not everything is going to land perfectly when you are trying to push things. I think every track holds up on its own, and also contributes to the overall theme of the album. That is what I’ve come to look forward to in an Arcade Fire album. Perhaps what bothers me is what has always bothered me about grading or ranking albums. People want to boil it down to an “out of 5 stars” or a letter grade, and it’s just not that simple. I recommend Everything Now, and I recommend at least one straight-through listen because they are the type of band to make that worthwhile.

Other personal favorites in this list are Shredders (a project by some of the Doomtree collective: Sims, P.O.S., Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger), Phoebe Bridgers, Kasabian, and Chad VanGaalen. Also, I’d like to share a quick note of congratulations to another longtime favorite, The Tragically Hip, for receiving the Order of Canada this week.


  1. Kele Okereke – Yemaya
  2. Kasabian – Twentyfourseven
  3. The Afghan Whigs – You Want Love
  4. Briana Marela – Feel What I Feel
  5. Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness
  6. Brave Giant – The Time I Met The Devil
  7. Jeremy Pinnell – Different Kind of Love
  8. Pure Luck – Broke, Soaked and Dirty
  9. Tori Amos – Cloud Riders
  10. Chad VanGaalen – Pine and Clover
  11. BRONCHO – Get In My Car
  12. Peter Perrett – Man of Extremes
  13. Akala – Chapter One
  14. Shabazz Palaces – Moon Whip Quaz
  15. Higher Brothers – Why Not
  16. Shredders – Wolfs
  17. Nine Inch Nails – The Lovers
  18. Arcade Fire – Electric Blue
  19. Lo Tom – Find the Shrine
  20. Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love
  21. Akala – Chapter Four

The Fortnightly Playlist, July 16th, 2017

Is there a song that can trasition between jazz-folk-singer-songwriter, Meklit, and electro pioneer, Gary Numan? Yes. It’s Cut Copy’s newest single, Airborne. I’m quite proud of that discovery. All that and more in the playlist this time around.

It’s always interesting to hear a very familiar voice singing an unfamiliar song. The instantly singable melodies of Lo Tom make that even more strange. It’s new, but I felt when I first heard it that I knew it. Lo Tom is a new project fronted by David Bazan with members from Pedro the Lion and Starflyer 59. The full, self-titled album dropped this week, and included here is the first single that was released, Overboard.

Jazz and soul, bright horns, fluttering strings and beautiful melodies… Ethiopian jazz, folk, singer-songwriter, Meklit. There’s so much I’ve been enjoying in her new record, When The People Move, The Music Moves Too. It’s all enhanced by the guest appearances from The Preservation Hall Horns and Andrew Bird.

Other highlights this edition are Pixx, Songhoy Blues, Salt Cathedral, This Is The Kit, and Vertebrae.


  1. Pixx – I Bow Down
  2. Lo Tom – Overboard
  3. Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong
  4. Com Truise – … Of Your Fake Dimension
  5. Mammut – Breathe Into Me
  6. Songhoy Blues – Sahara (Feat. Iggy Pop)
  7. Mogwai – Party in the Dark
  8. DJ Shadow – Systematic (feat. Nas)
  9. Salt Cathedral – Always There When I Need You
  10. This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze
  11. The Districts – If Before I Wake
  12. The Telescopes – You Can’t Reach What You Hunger
  13. Vertebrae – Half The Time
  14. Low Cut Connie – Controversy
  15. Les Amazones d’Afrique, Rokia Kone – Mansa Soyari
  16. Meklit – I Want to Sing for Them All (feat. Andrew Bird)
  17. Cut Copy – Airborne
  18. Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin
  19. Nine Inch Nails – Less Than
  20. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses
  21. Jadea Kelly – On The Water
  22. Olafur Arnalds, Arnor Dan – Take My Leave of You