The Fortnightly Playlist, January 17th, 2021

Mixing in some sounds from around the world in this edition with artists from Cape Verde, Brazil, Ecuador, New Zealand, Belgium, England and Puerto Rico.

Dessa put out a new single on the 15th, and has announced a project called Ides in which she intends to release one song on the 15th of each month in 2021. This first single is called “Rome”, and has touches on the more aggressive side of Dessa’s music with high-tempo and hard beats breaking into huge chorus. I’m excited to see this project from an artist that has typically stuck to album format. Whether at the year’s end we’ll have a cohesive album or a collection of singles will be interesting to find out. Either way, I think there will be some great music here.

We’ve got a 2nd new single from the upcoming Julien Baker album, and it’s got a big sound. I’m looking forward to this big sound from Baker. She has, up ’til now, stuck with a sparse sound, and this project promises to be something different. It’s good to see an artist take risks and step away from what has worked for them in the past. From what we’ve heard so far from the album, this risk was a good step forward for her. The full band sound is working well, and it suits the material.

Other favorites of mine in this edition are The Hold Steady, Nicola Cruz, Jeremy Pinnell, and this collaboration between Aili and Transistorcake.

iLe – donde nadie mas Respira
The Chills – You’re Immortal
Aili, Transistorcake – Dansu
Arlo Parks – Caroline
Nicola Cruz – Individuality Riddim
Caroline Polachek – Breathless
Moon Palace – Faultlines
The Avalanches – Take Care In Your Dreaming
Shaka – Tokio e Rio
Dessa – Rome
Chris Alford, Justin Peake – A Course in Water
Elida Almeida – Di Pundi Nu Bem
Jeremy Pinnell – Joey
David Nance – When the Cover Comes Off
Lana Del Ray – Chemtrails Over the Country Club
Julien Baker – Hardline
The Hold Steady – Heavy Covenant

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