The Fortnightly Playlist, September 24th, 2018 ( The Late Edition)

Vacation was good. Thanks for asking. Clearly, I wasn’t so off the grid as I still managed to put together a pretty good collection of tunes here if I do say so myself. Some great new music here from Natalie Prass, Open Mike Eagle, Allan Kingdom, The Hold Steady, Low, and Disclosure.

Last year’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle just missed my year end top ten. I want to say it landed somewhere in the 11 to 15 range. It also featured my favorite album art of 2017. I was pretty happy to hear of his new single, “Relatable”. Mike Eagle is a pretty unique artist, and perhaps an artist that could only happen here and now. It’s never fair to pigeonhole an artist, but if you said Mike Eagle is a grad-school rapper… well, if the shoe fits. He’s got complex songs with relevant messages delivered eloquently, and it’s got an edge to it as well. It’s impressive and always worth a listen.

Please take note of Natalie Prass. Discovering this artist was a discovery and a half.. The Future and The Past is her 2nd album, and it was released early this summer. It’s certainly worth a few listens.

Other favorites this edition include Allan Kingdom, Balun, Spiritualized, The Hold Steady and some up-and-comer called Paul Mc-something…


Spiritualized – A Perfect Miracle
The Hold Steady – Confusion in the Marketplace
Chorusgirl – No Goodbye
Paul McCartney – Come On To Me
Disclosure – Where You Come From
Allan Kingdom – All Night
Cloquet – Hollows
Low – Dancing and Blood
Eminem – Stepping Stone
Open Mike Eagle – Relatable
Balun – La Nueva Ciudad
Stu Mindeman – El Aparecido
Fleurie – Constellate
Rostam – In A River
Natalie Prass – Sisters
Nadine Khouri – A New Dawn
Lauren Balthrop – Maple Tree
Kurt Vile – Bassackwards
William Elliott Whitmore – Fear of Trains
Noah Gundersen, Sisters – Wrong Side
Sycamore Tree – Shelter (Magnus Johann Remix)
Film School – Go Low
Wolf Girl – Maths in the Real World
The Hold Steady – T-Shirt Tux

The Fortnightly Playlist, September 9th, 2018

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m trying to get caught up on a lot the wealth of new releases from the past few months at this point in the year, and they just keep coming. This edition offers a look at new albums from Blood Orange, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Reed Turchi & His Kudzu Choir, Devotchka, Interpol, IDLES, and Mitski, as well as new singles from Clipping, Laura Gibson, Junius Meyvant, and Ty Segall.

I first heard Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears sometime around late 2013, and got really into his modern blues rock swagger and the tight band of excellent musicians he surrounded himself with. I got the chance to see them perform on last year’s Backlash tour, and now here they are with an excellent new record only a year and a half later. The band sounds better than ever, and I highly recommend their live show.

There’s good reason that I put Blood Orange right after Prince in the playlist this edition. Dev Hynes is a massively talented musician and producer. I first became aware of him back when he was still performing under the name Lightspeed Champion, and I still love the music that project produced. Blood Orange is a more diverse project, that also seems to have a more energetic and purposeful feel. Additionally, Hynes has written, produced, and collaborated with a wide array of other artists, and each time he returns to his own projects he brings this experience with him.

I’m hooked on this Marlowe record. I’ve included a couple tracks from it on playlists earlier this summer, but I just can’t get enough of this one. For me, I get a lot of throwback to classic hip-hop on this. It has a solid connection to soul and R&B, but has good dose of aggressive edge that you need in a good hip-hop record. There are several tracks that jump out to me, and I recommend giving the album a full listen, but my favorites here are Lost Arts, Thing We Summon, and Mayday.

Other favorites this edition include Reed Turchi & His Kudzu Choir, Amos Lee, Van Stee, and Laura Gibson.


Prince – 17 Days (Piano & A Microphone 1983 version)
Blood Orange – Saint
Foxing – Heartbeats
Van Stee – Blanket
Interpol – Stay In Touch
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Nothing But A Cliche
The Staggers & Jaggs – Ring The Bell
Reed Turchi & His Kudzu Choir – Listen to the Wind
Mitski – Come Into the Water
Laura Gibson – Tenderness
Junius Meyvant – High Alert
Ty Segall – I’m a Man
Clipping – Stab Him in The Throat
Fliptrix – No Time to Rewind
Marlowe – Mayday
Atropolis – Gaita NYC
Rubblebucket – What Life Is
BRONCHO – Boys Got To Go
IDLES – Samaritans
Olafur Arnalds – brot
Roo Panes – My Sweet Refuge
Tunng – Sleepwalking
Devotchka – Straight Shot
Jade Bird – Uh Huh
Breaks & Swells – Won’t Lose Hold
Amos Lee – Crooked