The Fortnightly Playlist, August 27th, 2017

This edition is a globetrotter. Artists from Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and the USA all contribute to the playlist this time around. Listen here on Spotify

Brittney Parks is a violinist/vocalist hailing from Cincinatti, Ohio, and drawing inspiration from the fiddling styles of Northeast Africa. Her artist name, Sudan Archives, underscores the region that is the source of her stylistic directions. Her new self-titled EP is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional.

Nadia Reid has been a big surprise for me this year. Her record, Preservation, really came out of nowhere for me, and it is so good. Sometimes you listen to singer-songwriters, and you think you’ve heard it all before, but this record is genuine and heartfelt.

Other favorites included here are Jupiter & Okwess, The War On Drugs, Robert Plant, and Yasmine Hamdan.


It is probably foolish of me that I never checked what countries Spotify is available in since that is the platform I’ve been using for these playlists. Realizing that these aren’t shared to many places, I’m now including the full list below:

  1. Queens of the Stone Age – Feet Don’t Fail Me
  2. Hollerado – Born Yesterday
  3. Robert Plant – The May Queen
  4. The War On Drugs – Pain
  5. Sudan Archives – Wake Up
  6. Sonreal – Who Care
  7. Jupiter & Okwess – Hello
  8. Frankie Rose – Love In Rockets
  9. Yasmine Hamdan – La Ba’den
  10. Nadia Reid – The Arrow and the Aim
  11. Frances Cone – Unraveling
  12. Wolf Parade – Valley Boy
  13. Everything Everything – Desire
  14. Dent May – Across the Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
  15. Sabrina Malheiros – Salve o Mar
  16. The Mynabirds – Golden Age
  17. Miriam Makeba – Murtala
  18. Chad VanGaalen – Mind Hijacker’s Curse
  19. Jupiter & Okwess – Pondjo Pondjo

The Fortnightly Playlist, August 13th, 2017

What I like to do with this is bring attention to hidden gems and lesser knowns. There are some more well-known artists in these, but I enjoy this as a way to share things that you may not hear elsewhere. This edition, I feel, does that pretty well. We’ve got some local focus this time with ODESZA, SassyBlack, Sheer Mag, Briana Marela, and Fazerdaze, and there would be more if Donormaal were on spotify yet. We’ve also got some artists from around the world; Iceland, Denmark, UK, Ghana, New Zealand and Canada are all represented. Listen on spotify here.

One project I’m certainly excited about is Shredders. This include 4 members of Doomtree; Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, Sims and P.O.S. Two weeks ago I featured a song from their debut 3-song release. This new single has already had some hype around it as it was included in this promo for the HBO show Ballers. It’s also just an outright banger.

Catherine Harris-White aka SassyBlack is another discovery this summer that I’ve gotten very excited about. Formerly a part of the hip-hop duo THEEsatisfaction, SassyBlack’s new release shows a lot of growth in this new album, New Black Swing. Her vocal stylings are a huge highlight.

Other highlights are Fazerdaze, Nadia Reid, Sheer Mag, Public Service Broadcasting and Giants in the Trees (Krist Novoselic’s new band).

Thus far on this blog, I have refrained from making overt political statements. I have let the music speak for itself, and, by what I include, allowed my views to be known. There’s a reason that I like to include world music in some capacity each time. There’s a reason why I include so many different styles. I prefer to stretch myself with my listening habits. Listen to things outside your comfort zone, and you may gain some understanding. It’s like reading a book about something new… you learn. The events of this weekend in my country are absolutely heartbreaking. The fact that people were hurt and killed standing up against a movement of hate – and the fact that our president finds it in himself to attack anyone and everything except this movement of hate – leaves me so angry. Yesterday, I came to a point where I had to make myself turn it all off. I had to close my laptop, turn off the tv, not look at my phone… Here we are, in spite of so much hard work and sacrifice, staring at our same old demons again. I certainly don’t know how to solve this mess. For myself, I pray, and I also find inspiration and hope in the music of some of my favorite artists. At the end of this playlist, I have included a slightly older song. It is Find No Enemy from Akala’s 2009 album, Doublethink, and was also included in last year’s 10 Years of AkalaThanks for reading this far, and enduring my need for an honest post.



  1. Briana Marela – Farthest Shore
  2. Billie Eilish – COPYCAT
  3. Siobhan Wilson – Whatever Helps
  4. Giants in the Trees – Sasquatch
  5. Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs – Tough
  6. Sheer Mag – Meet Me In The Streets
  7. Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed
  8. ODESZA – Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)
  9. illuminati hotties – (You’re Better) Than Ever
  10. Public Service Broadcasting – They Gave Me A Lamp
  11. American Authors – I Wanna Go Out
  12. Baby In Vain – Low Life
  13. Mammut – The Moon Will Never Turn On Me
  14. Nadia Reid – Preservation
  15. Fazerdaze – Last To Sleep
  16. SassyBlack – I’ll Wait For You
  17. Algiers – Death March
  18. Shredders – Xanthrax
  19. Kyekyeku – The Ode
  20. Four Tet – Planet
  21. Paper Tiger – Goon System
  22. Akala – Find No Enemy