The Fortnightly Playlist, March 12th, 2017

Aaand we’re back again with another listful of diverse sounds. Once again covering as much ground as we can, stylistically speaking (and a significant amount geographically as well).

Listen Here

A collaboration of note in this edition is from the new Baba Zula album, XX. The track included, Carino, features Argentine singer/rapper La Yegros, which makes for an interesting blend of styles between her and the Turkish psych-rock band.

There are 3 very longstanding, well-regarded, influential musicians with freshly released singles out now are included as well. Bob Dylan released his third single leading to his upcoming album, Robyn Hitchcock his second, and Thurston Moore released a new single just a few days ago.

Plenty of newly-released albums here for P.O.S., Minus the Bear, Valerie June, The Shins and others. And once again my 2 favorite albums so far this year – Backlash by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and Life & Livin’ It by Sinkane – are both included.




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