The Fortnightly Playlist, January 15th, 2017

Listen to the Playlist Here

This edition of the Fortnightly Playlist features a number of new singles from upcoming releases; particularly from local bands. New singles from Bread & Butter, Sera Cahoone, Foxygen, Allison Crutchfield, Temples, Pond, The Rural Alberta advantage, Sloucher, and The Shins.

In 2016, La Sera came out with a record that I found a little lacking in the edginess that I found in their previous release. Started as a Katy Goodman solo project and now moving to a Husband&Wife Duo, I expected Katy’s hard rock approach and Tod’s bent toward wild guitar solos to bring a more rocking record. In the end I liked the record (Music for Listening to Music to), but it wasn’t what I expected. After touring most of the year, They came out with a new EP (Queens) at the end of September that was a mix of new material and new versions of songs from the Music for Listening to Music to Album. This was more what I was looking for. The new songs are more bass-heavy and riff-heavy, and, in my opinion, more suited to the band’s personality.

Also included is a track from the new David Bowie EP, No Plan. Rumour has it that we could see “new” Bowie material released every year for 100 yrs after his death. The new EP (released on his birthday, exactly 1 year since the release of Blackstar) fits well with last year’s record. Still a lot of quality material yet to be released.



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